The Story of Cherry Machines and Other Slot Machines

* A Look at the Way it was Wondered how cherry machines and other types of slot machines emerged in history? Taking a look back, you would be amused to learn that the idea of the game didn't actually start with a famous way of playing this. In fact, it started being rented off to certain saloons and bars with a 50/50 percentage split on its earnings.

Perhaps you may not give this another look if, up to now, this is still how the game can be played - in saloons and bars. Who would've thought that it would reach worldwide acceptance, and even be among the online casinos that cater to different players from all over the globe?

* The Brains Behind the Simple Machinery Who is behind this game and the makings of the earliest form of slot machines? It's a California-based citizen named Charles Fey. And the year that you should take note of before this took off to worldwide appeal was around the years 1898-1899. That was the birth of this machine. And it was still intricately designed and yet simple to play during those times.

* The Wager to Use Before If you're wondering how much the people living during those times wagered to play a session on this machine, well, it's not really that much now. But then, it was considered one of those simple luxuries to enjoy this game by simply shelling out nickels to play.

* The First Model that was Loved by Many The first model before the cherry machines and other slot machines came into being was called the Liberty Bell. As mentioned, it works on nickels to enjoy a single session on the machine. The symbols that can be seen on the screen included suits of playing cards and gaming symbols of Liberty Bell. The prize that one can expect on this model when a player gets 3 Liberty Bells on the screen is 10 nickels or, sometimes, 50 cents.

* The Modifications It wasn't long before someone took notice of this machine and got interested to do some modifications. A businessman in Chicago, named Herbert Mills, was so fascinated by the simplicity of earliest model that Mills took one and incorporated another version on the machine. One of these modifications included the addition of certain fruit symbols such as plums, cherries, lemons, and others.

The fruit symbols lived on with the emergence of cherry machines and also other slot machines up to now. It truly had enjoyed a good historical path where, initially, simplicity of the machines reigned. The clamor for this easy game of chance is still strong. And many will still be waiting to get a chance to play this either at traditional casinos or on online gambling halls.